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COVI Cleaners

Our Dry Vapour process kills 99.9% of all viruses in your workplace, school, restaurant or home – including COVID19.
Workplace ready in one hour, food safe and kills bacteria.  
The new clean is COVI clean.

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COVI Cleaners was launched to bring our
DRY VAPOUR cleaning technology to meet the challenge of our unprecedented times.  

COVI Cleaner’s DRY VAPOUR cleaning technique is like those being used internationally to kill COVID19.  Our goal is to make that technology available to every Australian, whether at their home, workplace, cafe, restaurant, school, hospital or more in order to create a safe and more secure environment. 

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Covi Cleaners deliver fast and highly effective cleaning to workplaces, school, cafes, restaurants, homes and more without the issues of traditional wet cleaning and with the following benefits:

  • Kills 99.9% of all viruses

  • Kills COVID19

  • Ready to open 1-hour after clean

  • Kills bacteria and removes odours

Most importantly, because COVI cleaners DRY VAPOUR is not a wet treatment is safe of electronics, food and better for those with allergies.

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Giving your employees the confidence to return to work is critically important.

With COVI Cleaner’s seal of approval, your employee can know they are entering a workplace that is as safe as possible against 99.99% of viruses, including COVID19.

COVI Cleaners offers regularly cleaning as well as one-offs, to ensure that your workplace remains clean!


Peace of mind for parents, teachers and students.

Do you need to ensure that your local school, child care centre or university is cleaned for viruses? 

COVI Cleaners can build a cleaning program to ensure that you will be providing the safest environment for your children to return to the classroom.   

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If you want to understand how you can get a COVI Clean, call us on or leave your details below and one of our team will call to discuss your needs.

0424 196 112

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